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      Here at Skin Deep Tattoo & Piercing, we take pride in professional quality service. We are happy to work with you to make your tattoo ideas come to life whether it's minimal or maximal. 

   Yes! We do accept walk-ins if you are looking for a spontaneous tattoo, however, please call the shop to see who is available. We recommend setting an appointment after a consultation. To speak with a knowledgeable staff member, shoot us an email or stop by during our operating hours.

              Tattoo prices are usually based on size, detail, amount of color, and placement on the body. Prices vary by the individual artist who determines the price. We can give a ballpark price over the phone/email, but it physically coming in for us to see size is ideal.

           Currently there are six artists and one piercer (Claudia Garcia). Our styles range from simple american traditional to realism to also watercolor style. For piercing, no appointment is necessary but again, call to confirm if our piercer is available or if you have any special questions. 

     WE DO NOT ALLOW children in the shop.

We provide a cool, laid back and friendly atmosphere with no intimidation where all are welcome. We appreciate your visit and value your business!